Phoenix Bird Horsemanship and Bodywork is located in Longmont, CO and is dedicated to the care and welfare of the whole horse and the education and instruction of horse lovers.

Darcie Ness is the owner and has loved horses her whole life. She is a certified equine massage and bodywork therapist, a riding instructor, and horse coach. Her goal is to help horses and humans establish a foundation for a long-lasting partnership that is beneficial and meaningful to both horse and human.



Equine Massage and Bodywork Therapy - $85 per horse ($10 travel fee will apply every 50 miles outside of Longmont. Only applies to first horse.)

The benefits of massage and bodywork for horses is immense. Stress on the body caused by injury, trauma, overwork and daily life can manifest in tension, restricted movement, and compensation patterns. The result is a horse that cannot move freely in his body and is not at peace in his mind. Bodywork and massage releases the tension and restrictions, allowing the body to reset to its natural alignment and allow it to move with ease, freedom, rhythm, grace, and suppleness. All horses in any discipline at any level can benefit from bodywork and massage sessions.

Bodywork and massage helps with...

  • injury prevention

  • rehab and recovery

  • improves ability of performance horses

  • improves overall health and quality of life

  • inspires relaxation and confidence

  • restores balance

  • improves work ethic

  • increases mobility

Signs your horse may need a bodywork session...

  • short striding

  • acting out for no apparent reason

  • crow hopping

  • tail wringing under saddle

  • cinchy/girthy

  • breaking gait

  • refusal to move forward or move forward with impulsion

  • stiffness

  • refusal to bend or flex in one direction

  • refusal to back up

  • pulling back, slipping, or falling

  • grumpy demeanor

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Darcie teaches beginning/intermediate level horsemanship and riding lessons with an emphasis on developing a strong and safe foundation - while having fun at the same time!  On-site lessons using one of Darcie's horses will include learning how to catch, lead, groom, do appropriate groundwork and riding. Students may spend several weeks on the ground developing a partnership with their horse before moving on to riding. Students will be taught a Western dressage foundation while learning and experiencing other types of riding.

Darcie will also travel to your house or barn to give lessons. These will be individually tailored to meet the goals and needs of you and your horse, while still focusing on the core foundations of clear communication, groundwork, and dressage.

  • $45 - 1 hour private

  • $50 - 90 minute private

$10 travel fee will apply every 50 miles outside of Longmont

Darcie's onsite lesson schedule is currently full. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for lessons on her horses please contact her.

If you have your own horse, Darcie will travel to your house or your barn. Please make sure outside instructors are allowed at your boarding facility before you contact Darcie to schedule a lesson.


Horse Coaching - $75 for Consultation ($10 travel fee will apply every 50 miles outside of Longmont)

Darcie offers personalized coaching to first-time horse owners so they can enjoy their new four-legged friend without having to worry about learning all the ins and outs of horse owning by themselves. Darcie will cover all the important aspects of horse ownership and equip you with the skills, knowledge, and resources to make wise decisions for your horse. Her goal is to get you to a confident place where you no longer need her services.

In the consultation, Darcie will assess and evaluate your horse and together you will build a plan that will best suit you and your horse's needs and goals.

Assessments include...

  • Physical assessment

  • Environment assessment

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Behavioral assessment

  • Saddle and tack assessment

  • Riding assessment

You may pick 2-3 assessments that you would like to focus on if you have specific goals in mind. Otherwise, Darcie will start out with the physical, environment, and nutrition assessments as these are the foundation for everything else.



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