Darcie started out in hunter/jumpers and from there moved onto classical dressage, Western dressage, and other Western disciplines.

She has worked with several Colorado local trainers as well as a couple national and internationl trainers for riding as well as horsemanship, groundwork, lunging, behavioral problem solving, and liberty work. She spent five days working with Kris Kokal of HorseTenders learning about herd behavior, horse communication, and how to connect with mustangs.

She graduated from Prairie Winds: Art of Equine Massage and Bodywork in summer 2018 and continues to deepen her skills and knowledge of bodywork through continuing education. She also attended a three day clinic hosted by E.L.P.O (Equine Lameness Prevention Organization) to learn about the basics of hoof anatomy, health, function, and balance and continues to learn more about proper hoof balance and how it affects the horse’s health, body, and performance.

Darcie loves continuing to learn more through horses, humans, books, and experiences. She is constantly researching, studying, and asking questions all in an effort to better understand how to listen fully and deeply to all the horse is saying so she can better take care of and train them and encourage other owners and riders to do the same.